Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Quite the weekend

Words can't describe the four days I just spent with the Everest team, hiking in the Eastern Sierras.  Friday was tough but it was just a warm up for Saturday.  Eight hours of difficult terrain and high elevation, but we made it to Kearsarge Pass -- 11,600 feet.

Now I really know I can do Everest.  The niggling doubts are gone.  I'm strong, mentally and physically.  The going will be hard and slow but I have no doubt I'll get to Base Camp.

27 days and it's off to Bangkok for a few days, then to Katmandu!

Check out this video of the recent hike.  Pretty cool.


I'll have a few more posts before I leave on October 6th, and I hope to post along the trail in Nepal.  Stay tuned!

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