Saturday, September 21, 2013

Let The Festivities Begin -- With a Caveat

My fundraiser for Parkinson's is tonight.  We're expecting about 50 people; not quite the number we were hoping for, but it's gala season in D.C.  I'm nevertheless incredibly grateful to those who are attending this event.

Last weekend the bar was raised on the critical importance of raising money for this Parkinson's research.  You see, my beloved uncle -- my father's brother -- died last weekend from complications of Parkinson's.    He wasn't able to benefit from the research but once we get this research to the FDA and begin clinical trials I am confident that I will be a recipient of this amazing long-term treatment for Parkinson's.

You may ask, can Parkinson's be inherited?  Yes.  Though very little is known about the genetics of Parkinson's, mutations in a gene known as LRRK2 have been found to greatly increase a person's likelihood of developing the condition.  I don't know if I have the mutation and I don't know yet whether I will be tested.  If, however, there is a possibility we can pass this disease to our children, once again the research becomes critical.

Happy Saturday!

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