Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sometimes Progress Sucks

By now you all know that Parkinson's is a progressive disease.  There is no cure, but medications can slow down the progress.  I was diagnosed four years ago and have held it at bay for quite a while.

But it progresses, and it has.  Not to a huge extent, but enough to be aggravating.  Joint and muscle pain has gotten much worse.  The range of motion in my neck has become very limited.  The pain is there every day.  It's hard to live with pain and it can be exhausting, not to mention frightening.  The rest of my life?  Pain?  That's a hard concept to get your mind around.

Exercise helps a bit, as does stretching.  I have a TENS unit that I use every day on the worst spots, and I use a foam roller for my back and legs. But sometimes I have to go with the big guns and take some heavy pain medication.  I don't like that much, but sometimes nothing else will help.

That having been said, F it.  I'm going to Everest and I'm going to get to Base Camp.  I've decided to take a bunch of those hand warmer things you use when skiing; cold makes the pain worse and cold is what Everest is all about. Feet, hands, whatever needs warming.  I'm re-thinking my gear, particularly clothes.  I'll probably get some warmer clothing, heavier socks.  But you know, why throw the baby out with the bath water?

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