Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Documentary

I might have told you this before -- Parkinson's brain, and all -- but my Everest trip will be the subject of a full-length documentary.  A filmmaker, Jeff Seckendorf, and his crew will be going with us as we huff, puff, and slog our way up the mountain.

The focus of the film will be "The Eight".  These people are the guinea pigs for the non-embryonic stem cell research being done at Scripps Clinic; the hope is that this research will lead to a viable, long-term treatment for Parkinson's.  We continue to raise money to get the research project to the FDA to begin official clinical trials.  I had no idea how expensive that process is!

Anyway -- here is a link to the website that Jeff has set up.  You can follow the progress of his documentary, and the site contains a link to donate to "the cause".  Thanks for reading and watching!

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