Friday, May 3, 2013

Tomorrow: Walking For Breast Cancer

You know I'm a two-time survivor.  Well, tomorrow begins the Avon 2-Day Walk.  I'm so looking forward to it.  My dear friend Heather is doing it with me; it's her first time, and I have told her repeatedly to bring tissues.

I did the Walk in San Francisco back in 2000, the year I was first diagnosed with breast cancer.  It wasn't that difficult, but I was 13 years younger than I am now.  I also didn't have Parkinson's Disease.  This is going to be a challenge -- almost 20 miles a day -- but I can do it.  What a warm up for Everest!  I've packed enough pain medicine for a horse, tons of moleskin and blister remedies, and a gallon of sunscreen.

SO many women.  Here are a few I know, and for whom I'm walking.

More photos to follow.  They should be great -- we're in Washington, D.C. and the Walk begins and ends at the Washington Monument.  Stay tuned!

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