Saturday, January 5, 2013

Lacking In Pithiness

Reading other blogs can be painful for me.  I used to write for a living but it was legal writing -- very dry, few adjectives other than confrontational ones.

Boy, can some of these bloggers write!  Novelist, journalist-like writing!  My blog posts pale in comparison.  I just put it out there; I so wish I could be flowery and descriptive but I can't.  Stick with me, people!  I do make sense most of the time despite my lack of pithiness.

Anyway, the countdown continues.  274 days.  I've picked up my training in light of my upcoming trip to Arizona to hike with my Everest companion/buddy Rick.  He apparently lives near some decent mountains so we're going to begin the altitude thing.  Rick's going to learn what it's like to hike with a Parkinson's person!  Slow going, I must say.

Videos are on their way (I just KNOW you've been holding your breath).  Took some time off over the holidays but now that I'm in the year-of-the-trek I'm ready to go.  Enjoy the weekend (Go 'Skins!!).

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