Monday, May 6, 2013

The Avon Walk

What a weekend.  39 miles in two days -- 26 the first day, and 13 the second.  I am way, way too old for this.  But you know what?  I did it, with my friend Heather pushing me all along the way. 

We started and ended at the Washington Monument.  As we walked through D.C. we went by the Jefferson Monument, the Martin Luther King Memorial, and the White House. We wandered into Chevy Chase, Maryland, where we spent the night in a pink tent (and I kept the entire camp awake with my snoring.  Seriously.  Someone hit me on the head several times during the middle of the night - from OUTSIDE the tent!).

The next day we wound our way past the Naval Observatory (I waved hi to Joe), the National Cathedral, Embassy Row, and downtown D.C.  We arrived at the Washington Monument to find a huge, arched "Finish Line" across which we proudly danced -- yes, danced (I had had a little pain medication for my aching body).  The final ceremony was beyond touching.  The sea of pink t-shirts made it very real that breast cancer is an epidemic that MUST be stopped.

What a weekend.

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