Saturday, April 6, 2013

What A Day

Today's hike is over.  I met all of the people who are in the pilot project at Scripps -- what a thrill. I took my pictures on my camera, and of course I didn't bring the cord to transfer them to my computer. But I want you to see our logo, which is proudly displayed on a t-shirt worn by all of us today.  Once again, the website to donate is  Please watch the 10-minute video. 

Alan Truitt, one of the Everest trekkers with Parkinson's, led us in a cheer as we began the hike.  I don't remember it exactly, but it went something like this:  "What do we have?"  "PARKINSON'S!" "Where are we going"?"  "EVEREST!"  "Are we going to make it?"  YES!!"

Here is the logo on our t-shirts.  Inspiring and motivating.  Am I going to make it?  HELL, yes!!

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