Sunday, April 7, 2013

The First Weekend: Finale

I had a wonderful time this weekend, hiking with my Everest team members and getting to know each of them. What great people. Today I got a chance to hear more of their stories; when they were diagnosed, what was their first clue, what meds do they take, what are their worst symptoms. it was a good hike.  I'm pretty sure I'll always be bringing up the rear, but it's better than losing my balance and  falling.  It's also a good thing that someone else leads, because if I see a trail marker its forgotten five minutes later!

My chats with my team went all medical, believe me. I learned more about them personally.  Careers, spouse, kids.  I imagine that once we're living in close quarters I'll get to know them much better. Will I have the energy to debate politics at 17,000 feet?

Sorry I have no pictures yet. My computer went all "blue screen of death" on me last night.  Dead as a door nail. I'll try to get some posted this week.  Anyway, keep on training!

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  1. WOW ... I've been following your training regiment! I'm so proud of all the effort you have put into this - WAY TO GO EVVIE!