Sunday, March 17, 2013

Another training hike!


After receiving great pep talks from fellow Everest trekkers, my friend and trainer Jamie So, and my dear friends Heather Stroup, Betsy Bowen, and Rick Whipple, I picked myself up and went on a hike.  I've been in the doldrums lately and have been having doubts about whether I can do this.  I reached out to these folks and I heard the words I needed to hear.

So off I went to Sugarloaf Mountain in Maryland, about an hour from my home. If was good to get out and my confidence was raised the longer I went and the more time I spent in this beautiful area.  As I was on my way down (note to self: wear a good backpack next time) I was listening to music in no particular order.  This song came on and it was PERFECT.  It reinforced my pep talks.  It made me stand up straighter, pick my feet up higher, and march on with a smile on my face.

 (Song, with tribute to Christopher Reeves)

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