Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fear Redux

I've posted about fear before. The fear you feel when you're diagnosed with a life-threatening or chronic illness, and the fear you have to live with when your treatment is over; or, in the case of Parkinson's Disease, the fear of the unknown -- when and how the disease will progress.

Sunday I found a lump.  On my right side, my first mastectomy site.  The surgeons can never remove all of the breast tissue, and this lump was right over where the remaining tissue could be.  It was hard, like a beebee -- just like the first two.

It was a cyst.  It was drained on Monday but not until after the fear overtook me and led me down a road I so didn't want to visit.  Here are two videos: one after I found the lump, and one after I found out it wasn't cancer.  Fear is my enemy.

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