Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Cold weather, not enough sleep, and multi-tasking

All of them do a number on my Parkinson's!  Lately my mind has become a bit "fuzzy"; literally, everything seems to have blurred edges.  Memory, performing tasks, that sort of thing.  I had a bit of a panic yesterday when everything I made for dinner came out wrong!  I just didn't get the proportions right or I didn't add the right ingredients.  Everything I do lately just isn't sharp.

So I'm boosting up my workouts, trying to get more sleep (insomnia is an issue), and generally slowing things down.  I used to multi-task like a madwoman but that ability has flown out the window.  In the realm of denial I keep thinking I can do what I used to do but I can't.  Ever.  Until there's a cure.

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