Sunday, November 18, 2012

Well, I have my "official" training schedule.  Jamie So, my awesome physical therapist, is also an elite triathlete.  She drew up a schedule for the next three months, and we're going to go in three-months chunks so I don't get overwhelmed.  Hoo, boy!  It's challenging and it's only going to get more difficult.  I'm doing something every day, from two-hour hikes to weights and aerobics.
Yesterday I did a two-hour hike in Riverbend State Park and Great Falls National Park in Northern Virginia (they're right next to each other).
 What a beautiful day!  GFNP was pretty crowded with lots of families together for the Thanksgiving holiday.  I always gave way to the faster hikers -- I'm slow but steady!  I need to take my trekking poles with me from now on.  Parts of the trails are challenging and I need to maintain my balance, which is one of my Parkinson's symptoms.
Today is a one-hour hike and tomorrow is a Jamie circuit session.  The fun just never stops!  Take a look at some photos from yesterday's hike! The river is the Potomac.

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