Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Boy, I think I'm gonna love blogging!  What I'm enjoying so much is reaching out to people with either breast cancer or Parkinson's, who are scared, lonely, concerned, have questions, or
just want to talk.  I feel like Frasier Crane -- "I'm listening." 

I've never really been a joiner.  Group hugs aren't my thing.  So connecting with people who are dealing with or are fighting cancer, or who live with a frightening, progressive disease, is very comforting to me.  Finding people in the world who've felt what I've felt, had the drugs I've had, who know what it's like to fall and be scared to get back up --  means everything to me.  If I can help just one person take a sigh of relief, or step out the front door with one less worry, my day has been made.

And for those who offer me one piece of advice, a kind word, or a bit of comfort -- my day also has been made!

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